21 Facts Abour ME

Published on 2015 - 03 - 15

Fact 1: I am over 20. God that's terrible to think about.

Fact 2: I have been living in Wuhan since I was born, and never left this city for more than 2 weeks. But I've always wanted to live in another city.

Fact 3: I really don't like my name, but I love the word 'yang'.

Fact 4: I cry easily, seriously.

Fact 5: I can't use chopsticks in the right way.

Fact 6: I’m completely scared of spiders and other bugs.

Fact 7: I want to have a cat. Badly.

Fact 8: I bought a lot of video games but I don't really play them.

Fact 9: Cello is my favourite musical instrument.

Fact 10: I love both claccical and rock music.

Fact 11: I love movies, but good movies are hard to find.

Fact 12: I love reading too, but read less and less these days.

Fact 13: I have a kindle and I love it , but I love paper book more.

Fact 14: I am a gadget freak. I often wish I could own all the latest technology devices at all times.

Fact 15: I have my own websites, I built them myself.

Fact 16: My favourite sport is running, other sports are too competitive for me.

Fact 17: I love English, or rather a worldwide communication method.

Fact 18: I use English on the Internet a lot.

Fact 19: I have whiskers, but I shave frequently.

Fact 20: I am a SUPER lazy person.

Fact 21: Yes I love this world.